Expedite ATC Commands

On the controller side, it would be nice if you could tell a plane to climb or descend, please expedite. That way the pilot knows if they need to descend faster


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I think atc all about timing not how many MSG sent, Too many gives you wrong call @ KLAX or nagging you (HUD mini map should have filter) I been told make 90deg turn 4deg or expected me to drop 3000ft in 6miles to final. and they expect me not to break rules. I think controller should stick with simple term “Establish ILS descend on glide” I do not trust vector to final

Yea I’m hoping tower can get the ability to request speeds as it is sometimes APP isn’t always open and you’ve got guys coming it a 350 for landing



Bounce and scrape?

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What? …

When they come in at 350 on final it isn’t really a landing but for like a bounce and scrape like @Eric_Schmeric said

Some are like 10000 at 10nm away

“Coming in for landing Stuka N9284M!”

I think we should be able to give vertical speeds. With our heading and altitude.

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An “Please expedite” command alone would be nice so if someone is back taxiing or exiting the runway slowly you could use this instead of re-saying “back taxi please expedite” or “exit runway to the left please expedite”

Yeah when you choose the altitude you after that get a option to either press expedite or continue like it is atm