Expectations of British airways and AA

Hey IFC!
So recently my parents have booked my family a trip to Europe yay! And the purpose of this thread is to ask ya’ll what your opinions are on these two Airlines and the planes and what I should expect.

Here are my flights
Seattle to London is a Boeing 777-200ER
London to Chicago is a Boeing 747-436
Chicago to Seattle is a Boeing 737-823

If you have flown on any of these planes, please share your opinions!

Jack Q


Nice looking flights! It’s cool that you are going through ORD on the way back so that you can experience different aircraft. How are you getting from Montana to Seattle and back?

Enjoy your trip to Europe!


So. American Airlines operates 3 variants of the 737-800 aircraft at the moment.

  1. My favorite: All seats has PTVs, 31 inches of pitch, and are pretty comfortable.
  2. No PTVs, older seats, same pitch, decently comfortable seats.
  3. Project Oasis. Squeezing in 12 extra seats compared to the above 2 configurations with 1 inch less of pitch. The seats are thinner and harder as well, and will be worse on your back.

You will get complimentary drinks and a choice of Biscoff Cookies or Pretzels. As it says, Food/Alcoholic drinks are available for sale.


I’m driving. The 1 hour flights from MSO-SEA is half as expensive as the entire flight to London.
20 hours of flying for $2000: 2 hours of flying for $1000
Anyways I would like to explore Seattle if we go there, buy some stuff from the Pike Place Market, all that good stuff👍


Haven’t flown BA but I have AA and I think AA has th best service. Every flight I’ve been on, it’s been ontime (or early) and the FAs and crew have been very Nice


I’ve flown on both the 772 and 744 with Ba. Not much to say about the 772 🤷‍♂️ (it was 3 years ago so I don’t remember that well). I believe Ba sends both the refurbished and old 747s to ord (correct me if I’m wrong). The seats on the refurbished are MUCH more comfortable (the old 747 is pretty bad). My biggest piece of advice with the 747 has to do with the temperature. I’ve flown it twice and the first time the cabin was boiling hot (granted we were leaving from Austin where it was over 100f) the second time the cabin was freezing. I believe this has to do with how old the 747 is. Be prepared for that. I’m flying with Ba back to Aus later this month on the 747 so I can give you a more recent update in a couple weeks. Have a fun time on your family vacation!!!

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It’s been 8 years since I have been on a widebody, SFO-AKL, air new Zealand Boeing 77W, I was 5 so I didn’t remember anything which sucks. So excited!

My dad wouldn’t let us book a flight unless we get to take 747 across the Atlantic😂 well we got one so he is super happy now!


Thanks all for your feedback!

So the consensus of the three aircraft
BA777: Pretty decent, nothing too special
BA747: Very hot, and pretty much what to expect from a very old aircraft like the 747
AA737: will likely kill your back

Is this right?

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Sounds about right

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I’m jealous just by the fact that you’re going to Europe.

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The American 777 looks pretty comfortable, seat back screens, and comfy looking seats, but I have no experience on it.

I have no idea about British Airways though.

I have flown on the American A320, and Alaska 737-8. So I have enough experience, Don’t expect much, as it is pretty average. Comfy seats for a short haul, and normally good service.

Hope you have a good flight! 😃😄

Also expect at least 1 delay with American

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The BA B777 is decent, with the B747 it depends on whether it’s been retrofitted or not, those aircraft being retired soon dint have it but those that do are no different to a brand new aircraft really, latest IFE, mood lighting etc

Good to know thanks! Very excited!

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Lucky for you British Airways flies from London to Chicago on either a 747 or an a380 of two daily flights. Both amazing planes for sure!

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Yeah @bcc.123 for sure. Ever been on either one with BA?

Definitely try and book window seats if that’s your thing. Especially on the 747. Book seats in front of, or behind the wing. Once I booked a seat on the wing of a KLM 772 and well, the view is a big ol wing lol.

The British 747 is legendary, but high hopes you are on a retrofitted one. 747s are starting to get long in the tooth so you may see some wear & tear but no big deal.

American 737 is a mixed bag. From what I’ve heard the new tighter cabin may have only been installed in their new Max aircraft but some have said its on their -800s as well. Nothing too special, don’t expect food on that flight since it’s a domestic one.

The 777 is a great aircraft all around. Nothing to really comment there. Maybe a little older but I’m sure a retrofit has already been done to those as well.

Biggest tip is be on top of the time changes. Tune your body to London time as soon as you get aboard.

Safe travels!

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The new Oasis Interior is 100% on the some of their -800s.

To be approximate, there are about 71 of 304 737-800s in American Airlines’ fleet with the new and tight Oasis Interior.

You will get food though. Just Biscoff Cookies or Pretzels and a choice of drink.

@Ishrion yeah I thought I heard some -800s were retrofitted. 71 it is.

I wouldn’t call cookies & pretzels food tho coming from a international flight 😬

Yeah, definitely nothing compared to an actual meal, lol.

AA has Zoe’s Kitchen items for purchase on board. Usually their biggest thing is like 10-11$… I’ve bought a breakfast sandwich once and to be completely honest, it tasted pretty good.

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