Expectations of 23.1

Hi! I just wanted to ask you guys, what are you expecting from 23.1? Which liveries you desire that will be included in this one, which 3D airports? tell me :)
in my case:
A350-900 ITA Airways
A220-300 ITA Airways (I know it won’t come though hahaha)
A330-900 neo ITA Airways (same thing lolll)
A321-200 Aeroflot (who knows)
Air Senegal A220-300 (who knows)

Milano Malpensa (I don’t know much about the process of this airport, I don’t even know if it’s been under 3D process, prolly not lol)
Santa Marta Airport
Cali - Valle del Cauca Airport

PD: ofc im excited about the Challenger 350, but I’d be more excited about ITA’s A350 hahaha



A320 Viva Colombia
B737 Wingo
A320 Ultra Air

SKSM: Santa Marta
SKBQ: Barranquilla
SKCL: Cali

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to be fair I don’t like that much Ultra’s livery, but wingo’s awesome, Viva is nice as well

As much as I would also like the top three unfortunately all those except for the ITA A350 have not been confirmed in the liveries thread (forgot the name) so they probably won’t be coming any time soon.

yeah I know that’s why I put the parenthesis, I hope they come at least this year, too much wait for the A350 got me worried about these two as well haha

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I wouldnt expect anything that isnt confirmed, speculating just brings your hopes up just to inevitably be let down. Be excited about the confirmed items, and be pleasantly surprised when you see additional features you did not expect. The update is tomorrow/or today (confirmed by IF twitter post) depending on your timezone. We’ll see soon enough!

There will be 268 new 3D Airports coming in 23.1, confirmed by Jason in discord.

I belive Berlin is coming aswell, in there instagram and twitter posts

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Newark coming aswell i am pretty sure.

Is it coming this update???

Lufty 787-9, saw it in berlin photo on insta

London Luton (EGGW)
Tel Aviv (LLBG)
Helsinki (EFHK)

Emirates ‘Journey to the future’ livery (A380)
BA ‘GREAT Festival of Creativity’ livery (B772)
IcelandAir ‘Aurora’ Livery (B752)

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well I guess, I don’t know though, IF has taken a long time between the last update, it should come with the update, I’d be sure in a 70% that it will come with the update, as the last post of IF on ig abt the challenger, the airplane looked pretty complete.

ok, coolio, I might do long haul tomorrow then

yeahhh, tel aviv ben gurion is definitely missing

lol, with the CL35?

yes, 100%, it can fly long

I know that SNA is coming but I really hope LGB is too, @IF_California would agree with me here

KLGB needs to be 3D, right @Butter575

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dont know much about that airplane hahaha