Expect Vectors For... or RV to...

Hey everyone,

I have noticed many pilots on the training server, whilst under my control as approach, request Radar Vectors to their destination airport, rather than requesting an approach. I know that they are intending to land, so wouldn’t requesting an approach be the correct thing to do?

So is this simply the wrong usage of the Radar Vectors command, or is there something I am missing?



Since this is on TS, a lot of people don’t know what they’re doing.

If you become IFATC on expert, people (most) will know this ;)

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Yes I understand that, although I’m more so asking if this is incorrect or not.

If an aircraft requests radar vectors, the controller will issue headings and altitudes to set the aircraft in a traffic pattern sequence before handing off to tower/unicom. If an aircraft requests radar vectors, they aren’t supposed to be cleared for ILS/GPS. This tutorial may also be helpful:


There’s nothing wrong with requesting RV. Less work for you.

What is wrong is when they request RV then halfway through change to ILS. That is infuriating. Pick one.


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