Expect vectors (18.01)?

What is the difference between these two “expect vectors”, only one has the “18.01” after it. I noticed this was new after the most frequent update

P.S. I searched for a similar topic but found nothing

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The lastest version of Infinite Flight is version 18.01.0. The visual approach command isn’t included in the other expect vectors list. Don’t know if that’s just a coincidence…


Maybe @Tyler_Shelton can help you

@Trio had a pretty good hypothesis as to what causes it. Some mod/dev help would be nice for clarification😁

This was something that got left behind in the beta phase, as we sometimes label things to know what’s new and what’s old. Using new stuff while in beta on someone not using that version can cause issues so we’d label it by version so the beta controller knew which to use.

Hope that makes sense. Either way, I’ll make note to tidy that up!


Thanks, this can be cosed now If you wish:)


Cheers ✈️