Expect runway doesn't mean taxi to runway

I was controlling earlier and a few people thought that ‘Pushback approved, expect runway …’ Meant that they could taxi straight after pushback.

To clear it up for the few people that don’t understand:
‘Pushback approved, expect runway …’ DOESN’T mean that you are able to taxi straight after pushback. You still need to get clearance to taxi.


they are most likely people that are not on the community and are beginners, everyone has to learn
and here is the tutorial!


This was on the expert server

any grade
they could be Noobs, Beginners and be flying on expert
"Nobody is perfect"
no need for this topic anyways, just check out the tutorial above thats the best i can find :)

I disagree, we are too quick to shoot down these topics - I think they’re more than necessary if these people are actually on the community and haven’t come across that tutorial before. How are we supposed to help people and improve ourselves when people within this forum shoot down the critics instantly?


are they going to look at #live first?? check out the beginners guide they can check out tutorials…
what makes them look at this before? really dont get it

No, but a post that’s at the top of the latest board when they log on - and then your link to the tutorial lost in the abyss might help.

tutorials are one of the highest! this topic would never get as high as tutorials would
now lets not get any more off topic Please Close! @moderators

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This topic is useful, the title explained it all, and when the inexperienced passes by will note out.


Yes. We get a lot of people that say “ready to taxi” then they request pushback then they taxi… It is supposed to be the other way around.

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I always send a hold position followed by “please wait for clearance before taxiing”. Normally does the trick.

@Rowdy_Kepler I strongly disagree. These topics server as a reminder and have an entirely valid place on the forum. Anyway, if you don’t believe it belongs on the forum you should use your flag ability not tag moderators


To add one thing to what has been said, when you are told to expect a runway, it is much easier if you pushback and face the direction that will get you to that runway most quickly and efficiently :)

I’ve seen a lot of people push the wrong way. It always helps to pay attention.


yep, thats one of the reasons that the option of “expect Runway x” was added, to try and help out us poor pilots who may be confused. Especially usefuly at say EGLL or one of th eother large airports with multply runways! :-) Usually when you here that expression, even on TS1, you know there is someone who has a good idea of what they are doing ‘sitting in the tower’.

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