Expect left / right hand downwind for runway XX

In busy times for the approach controller this could be a useful shout to the pilot to make him aware that he will be taken overhead the airport so you will not have people sending “Check-In” or other messages all the time as a reminder to the atc as they think he has forgotten about him.


Must have had a fun approach session this afternoon.


Welcome back, haven’t seen you in a while. :)


Approach did a great job nothing to do with that, sometimes you get this “bright” moments… And actually atc told us a few days ago in real life. This is valuable info to plan your descent :).


Wow, welcome back Aernout. Where the heck have you been?

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Good idea, even make a further option so it’s clearer, ‘cross over centre-field, enter left / right downwind’. Would be useful in expert, probably just confuse TS1…

This is a very good request, Aernout. If ATC let me know which pattern I would need to follow, it would be much easier to direct my aircraft to a pattern entry :)

For example if I’m approaching San Diego from Palm Springs, I would usually direct my aircraft to about a 40 degree entry for left downwind, runway 09. But if ATC wants me to enter right downwind instead, I should go for right crosswind, runway 09 and then enter right downwind. Knowing what pattern the ATC would give to me before hand would be very useful to everyone! :)

Welcome back Aernout! This is a great request, should’ve been added long ago.

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Yea but sadly we’re two years into the future and, here we are🙂