"Expect late landing clearance"


It would be very handy of the tower has a misc message saying “expect late landing clearance”, just incase a traffic is slow to vacate or when there is a traffic still on the take off run.


But you always have the choice to cancel a clearance given. I guess that way if you didn’t clear them though they wouldn’t be reporting their position


Would be very useful.
When I’m controlling I only clear the aircrafts as number 1 for landing.
Having that option would also reduce the superfluous Final position report of some impatient pilots…


Pilots reporting ‘Final’ when they’ve been cleared to approach is just lack of education on their part. If I don’t receive clearing to land when I’ve reached a decision altitude then I go around - which has never actually happened to me in IF.

Is “expect late landing clearance” a term used by ATC in the real world? I’ve never heard it before over here.


I suggested this ages ago (not on the forum) but apparently due to anticipated clearances (or whatever it’s called) there is no need //:


Yes it is :)


give the pilot the opportunity to tell the ATC controller to call his base when doing pattern work. I often get sent to a downwind and controller forgets about me and I keep flying away from the airport.


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Unfortunately this happens pretty often (especially on the ground).


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Senior ATC’s Posting here… What is it with some of you guys? It seem some of you take great pleasure & comfort in firering a shot at the Pilot Community (impatient Pilots) every opportunity you get. Let’s temper this type gratuitous comment stuff shall we. Why pour salt on an open wound! Max Sends


This is not a place to play tit for tat… Pilot vs ATC. You should know betterMad Max Send


Once i flew a plane had come troew me.


When he sequences you you need to turn base yourself ;)


i was simply making an observation because it’s true. No rant intended. You can’t just turn base when you are not cleared for final approach


You can turn base even when not cleared for landing/option, actually. Some controllers clear on downwind, and some clear on base/turn to final. It’s perfectly okay to turn base on your own if there’s no “I’ll call your base” pending.


@LSZH34 You do your full pattern, that’s what you declared when you took off. Let the controller know your position, if he think he can’t keep you in safe spacing, then he’ll ask you for extended downwind/I call your base etc. this is my take.


Nickolas … With that “Cancel/naughty pilot”" attitude you’d make a Troublesome Controller! I hope the ATC Training Establishment notes your proclivities and closely vets any application for an ATC Training slot you should ever submit. Max Sends