Expansion of the London region

Who else would love to see more northern airports in the London/England region? Airports such as Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds-Bradford, Newcastle, Blackpool, Glasgow and Edinburgh.


I would love to hear your thoughts. When the A320 family comes out, would love to one day fly with easyJet/British Airways from London to Glasgow, as that route is very popular with those two airlines :)


And Virgin Atlantic

LBA is a must for me

I live in the north, so I use these airports the most. Hoping they can add them soon!

I don’t think they will be added anytime soon but I keep my fingers crossed

Me too! Not holding my breath!

LBA is my local airport (discounting a small grass airstrip)

Humberside, Darlington and doncaster aswell

Manchester is my nearest :)

I am at the very north of the region (EGNX) but it would be great to fly north. It won’t be top priority for the devs but I’d love to see it someday.

When the Airbus family comes out It would be great to expande the London region

I wouldn’t expect it in the next update, these things take time.

Is Bristol and/or Southampton already in the region?

I’m pretty sure Bristol isn’t.

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It should be:
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Bristol isn’t, Southampton is but they are both in the south

Bristol should definitely be added it is a smaller airport then others but their are many airlines now operating from their and also it’s my local airport 👍🏻