Expandable 'Unable' button

Give this man the Nobel Peace Prize in Aviation Simulation.


Ahhh I love this idea! Voted 100%! This happens to me too much in IFATC.

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Really Nice!
You’ve got my vote!

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I really like your idea! Voted!

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VOTED!!! Freed a vote for you OP

Well thought-out, easy to read and understand excellent suggestion I am all for it. Not quite grade 3 yet but I once was. I plan to apply for IFATC so I definitely would like to see this implemented!!


How many votes does it take in order for it to be considered for implementing?

🌟 Question Answered!


There is no standard for this, developers will take ideas in #features category if they think it should be added.


Thank you!

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I need this.

atc sent me into a flat spin once when I was in a 717 then gave me a heading assignment while I was recovering from the flat spin I said “unable” he replied with saying “please follow atc instructions or you will be reported” I replied, then right after he said that he reported me without giving me instructions. And that’s the story of how I got my first ever violation. THE END

This is truly an excellent idea! Got my Vote! :D

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When I say unable when the Atc tells me to turn. I go bye bye

“boeing 717 please turn heading 180”

“unable you put me into a flatspin”

“k lol bye”

thats exactly what happend exept i dont remeber what heading you he gave me

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I would have one less level 2 violation and 1 less stall.

We deserve this in the simulator!

Unfortunately I don’t have a vote to cast for this topic but the feature request is very well done. I hope they add this into the game.

this would be so helpful we need this in InfiniteFlight

This would most definitely be needed in infinite flight! Everytime I say unable, ATC doesn’t know the reason as of why I couldn’t follow his or her instructions. (Usually it’s Traffic if you say “Unable”) If this feature gets added, Pilots will now have a reason as of why they can’t follow the vectors/ instructions ATC gave them.

Fantastic idea 💡

This is an excellent feature request. Would have helped in the situation I faced here: No "Unable" command after go around