Expandable 'Unable' button

Hello fellow community!

After finding some feature requests for unable, I thought of a well solution to reduce miscommunication between pilots and controllers, especially on approach.

Having the use of an expandable ‘Unable’ command would really help controllers manage a situation. This would reduce the amount of possible level 3 Violations and pilots unable to tell controllers what their issue is.

What I propose is adding the feature of multiple options for ‘the Pilot has control’ theory, to manage themselves in a well packed airspace, or preventing them from imminent danger. Linked below are many features that would utilize this. Some have already made this idea, but these would fall under the ‘sub-category’ of this request.


ATC tab In-game coms ATC response Description of use
Terrain “Unable, terrain, EC-123” “EC-123, copy terrain” To be used when you are approaching terrain that you are too close to. This command is to be used to warn controllers of your danger.
Traffic “Unable, Traffic alert, EC-123” “EC-123, copy traffic” To be used when you are certain you will exceed 3nm, and/or 1000ft between another aircraft on your new vector given.
Stall “Unable, Stall imminent, EC-123” “EC-123, copy stall alert, please maintain a manageable speed” To only be used when you are being told say, in windy conditions, when you are being given a speed command, or when you are heavy, to prevent a stall from occurring.
Request Divert* “Unable, requesting divert to nearest suitable airport, EC-123” “EC-123, divert to nearest suitable airport”, or “EC-123, divert unable, please follow vectors.” To be used as a last resort. Made for pilots who don’t believe they will make it to the airport, or for denied aircraft when they are being vectored.

*Requesting a divert means there would have to be the controller replying with 'divert to nearest suitable airport added to this as a response, as well as the option of “EC-123, divert unable, please follow vectors.”

What would this look like?

Pretty simple. The Unable prompt opens up a new tab where you select the option, and have to confirm it with the standard ‘send’ before sending it live onto the frequency.

More will be edited in once created suggested and approved by the community as part of the request. Screenshot was taken on 20/05/2020 in Toronto airspace, shortly after Approach had closed.

What does this mean for the pilot?

This means that the pilot would be able to potentially ‘deviate’ from the control, to get themselves to a safe path. This would reduce pilot-controller confusion, and would reduce Level 3 violations.

What does this mean for the controller?

The controller would be able to acknowledge these unable commands. This would allow the controller to be aware of the pilot’s position if it does deviate from it’s vectored location. The controller would respond with a vector command after acknowledging the unable request, to give them a new heading and/or altitude to clear them of the danger they were previously unaware of.

I hope you can drop a vote to these, or one of the votes within the sub-categories of this command. If you have any more ideas that would be used for the pilot to not be able to follow the controllers command, then please go ahead and ask! I don’t bite.

Please do note I cannot physically vote for my request at this time, since I have about 5 over my normal amount as a Member from when I was a Regular.

Love this idea! Got my vote.


Vo. Ted.

The amount of convenience this gives the controller is insane. Now guess work wouldn’t really be needed now.


I must say, a very well- and detailed written request which I believe would be very handful for pilots and ATC alike in many different kinds of situations that one may face at the final phase of their flight.

Good job with the thread formatting and such, easy to read and understand. Hope something along the lines of this gets implemented in the future :)


Great idea! Although I haven’t got any issue with terrain or traffic within ATC, that feature would be easier than one “Unable” command


Do you know what? You have my vote!

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Really Nice! You got my vote!

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You have my vote!
Traffic might be unnecessary since it’s not an imminent danger of a crash situation per se until IF adds flames and smoke to midair collisions (plus the likelihood of being vectored right into traffic is much more unlikely than the rest of the conditions you described).
But definitely, the rest.


Thanks for all your feedback! I can definitely say it was worth the read! I do hope this can make it into the game, for both the pilots and controllers!


That will be so cool to be able to say more than just one ambiguous word and if implemented we’ll sound somewhat more professional.

Right now just an “Unable” sounds either pretty dry or defiant - and could waste ATC’s precious few seconds figuring out what’s wrong or even just waiting uninformatively.

I’m gonna free up a vote just for this, hope we’ll be able to experience this coolness very soon, thanks for posting the request! :)

Edit: Wow this one request escalated quickly it’s amazing, the IFC likes this!

Found one vote to free up as well… VOTED, OF COURSE!


This looks great. Definitely going to be helpful for pilots and atc. Got my vote !

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This is good, I always worry I might get ghosted if I say “unable”.


Great idea - will vote for this when I free one up.

Edit: Voted!

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Sounds good. Anything to avoid ghots, violations(1,2,3) pilots, controllers miss communication has my vote.
Currently I’m “afraid” to find radars on approach… Last time I had to deal with one I was so confused that I had to “flee” and now I developed this temporary fear of 'em. Any kind soul radar qualified to help me on this quest with this feature… PM me Thank you.


Nice Shout out this feature has my vote!

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Love the feature request! 👏

Very useful and might avoid some misunderstandings. As of now when a pilot responds with unable I sometimes really wonder why…

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this would be soooooooooooo helpful the number of times ATC in expert has made me crash into a mountain is uncountable

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I like this. Let me see if I can find a vote somewhere.

edit: voted.


This looks awesome! I don’t have a vote atm, but super detailed request and it would really help the ATC!

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We definitely need something like this, it would prevent a lot of violations! You got my vote

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