Expand Socal map

Any way that we can expand the Socal map to expand west to SBA, then up the coast to SBP maybe over to PRB, then to BFL and back down to the BUR/VNY area?

Didn’t understand a word of this


JG if I’m reading it correctly I think it would come close to filling the gap between NoCal and SoCal


Yes I am speaking ATC so I just use the airport names. Trying the bridge the gap from SoCal to NorCal


It would be easier to bridge the gap between London, Amsterdam, and Paris


SBA and SBA approach are fairly busy. I thought finishing off SoCal would be a good addition.

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Maybe just go west to the islands, might help with traffic issues out on KNUC.


We should expand west to KLAS. This will add a lot of real world routes.

I’m starting to realize, expanding is actually something that will need to happen soon. This simulator is growing extremely fast and the amount of people flying at once is insane.

Less than 400. The servers don´t fill to the top, I guess we have more time experiment what regions expand.

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Expand topic…again

I’m not a fan of expanding.
Global is in the works (tests)
So all regions Will be extented… To entire map :)
No more regions requested Will be needed :)