Expand Seattle Region to the East

I would like to see the Seattle region expanded to the East. Including the Boise, ID Area, there is lots of GA in the NW. And Lots of airports to go with in…


I would rather have an expansion to the west to whidbey bay to get the naval air station there.

As far south as Salem, OR would be nice. Maybe even Eugene that way when the Dash 8 comes out in Alaska/Horizon livery we can fly real routes!


North to Vancouver is better. 1 more huge airport


Yes! I agree also, KGEG, KSKA, KCOE, KBOI, KMSO these would all be great additions. Eastern Washington, Idaho and Montana regions.

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I second this idea…or third it. It would be great to have additional Alaska/Horizon destinations in this region, such as KGEG, KALW, KPSC and KEAT.


North to British Columbia in Canada so YVR and YYJ and YXS

Fellow BCer?

But the San Juan Islands are very fun to fly into

Why? It’s already the largest map. I think

Chicago is

Let’s go bigger!

I am a little surprised the Seattle region isn’t a little busier on IF due to the beautiful, yet challenging terrain and ever changing weather. I love flying this region, just wish there was more “live” activity.

yep, I’m an island guy

Nice, I’m back in the mainland

Don’t you guy think the Seatle region is small I think so it would be awesome if they expanded it to all the way up to Terrace BC and if they don’t want to make just a BC region from Vancouver up to Terrace and over to Vancouver island and Prince Rupert all the way over to Prince George and if you like hard approaches your sure to get some in BC

I’d say California or Hawiia