Expand Florida region

I think the Florida region should be expanded up to Kennedy space center and south to key west. Then we can do the space shuttle missions on the landing facility and we can do real routes from Orlando to miami


They need to have expansions from cities to states to countries to the world:

San Fransisco and SoCal then the west coast, then the central states, then the U.S and so on.

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I always wondered why KEYW is off the chart.

Oh yes please! I’ve been to both of the places (MCO and NASA KSC) and would love to see the Florida region expand!

Too far southwest. It’s a shame. TPA-EYW would be fun


Most of the major airports are on the coastlines which also happen to be the edge of the region so that affects some of the SIDs and STARs you can follow. Plus Freeport and Key West are just so close I think it would only make sense to extend the raging farther to the southeast and also pushed a little more north. It’s Literally right on the verge of being a much more exciting region.

Orlando and Miami are already in the South Florida map.

No, Orlando isn’t. Miami is there though :D

Orlando international and Orlando Sanford international are all on the northern edge. It would be cool to have the shuttle landing facility too.

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Check the northern edge.

Tavenaero Park is actually towards the beginning of the Keys so thats cool but I’d love to get Key West International with would get all of the Florida Keys included.

No Sir @sturmovik.


Picture from here

My bad. I thought I saw it in the map.