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I just had a great session controlling at NZAA for the big event today. I wanted to post a reminder that when you are instructed to exit the runway, you are still considered to be on the runway until you are across the hold short line.

Stopping like this and waiting for ground to respond is wrong:

This is an old thread about the same thing but it is closed:

Please see the YouTube IF tutorial for details on proper runway exit procedures:


Great reminder, thanks!


Thanks for the reminder! Important to get the message out there so we all know what to do 😉

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This unfortunately happens often. It’s great to get the word around. 👍🏻

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Yes, it is common. There is certainly more than one right way to do it so the tutorials are a great resource. It is obvious to me that people think they are doing the right thing (otherwise I would imagine they would just be taxing off without following instructions!) so I hope this helps some people.


I never have done something like this because it is obvious your aircraft may be hit in the left / right side of the wing while performing a take-off or landing, in which may cause chaos irl. Your aircraft would be yet considered too close to the runway, and also adding the realism to what it is supposed to look like.

Thanks for sharing the reminder, @lurker and hope to fly around in busy airspace’s again. 👍


Get all of your aircraft over the runway hold line and just keep rolling at normal taxi speed to keep the flow going while cleaning up and switching frequencies. Stopping is often unnecessary and usually just creates problems as most people stop while still occupying the runway. You’re not going to be ghosted or yelled at on Guard for not being on ground the moment your nose crosses the runway hold line.


I did not know that. I will stop now. 😂 thanks!

Sorry what?

Thank you for this! I myself too have had the urge to make such a topic because this issue is highly prominent. I hope people read this and understand. It’s weird to think people who do this, never think of when they’re actually on an aircraft in real life and see whether they’ve stopped just after landing and exited the runway. Quite peculiar to why they actaully do this.

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Stopping is not essential, it just should not happen while you are still on the runway.

Yep, in real life this would be considered a runway incursion and you’d be in serious trouble. Thanks for the reminder.

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