exiting runway left or right?

i already checked Incheon airport charts and the cargo gates were at the right side of runway 33R which was my choice for landing, but the controller on training server instructed me to make a left turn when able and cross runway 33L! but there’s no Cargo ramps there but just ramps!

can i park a Cargo plane at any ramp that is not necessarily a Cargo ramp?

does ATC know i am flying cargo or passenger? if not do you guys recommend adding “Cargo” to callsign?!


Hey, the person behind ATC most likely did not realize you were a cargo plane, nor did he realize where the cargo parking spots were. It was training server so there was nothing we could really do.

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I would just do as followed then taxi to the cargo ramps a different way, even if that means crossing the runway you land on. For example, at ORD when landing from the east, the cargo planes vacate to the right, then cross the runway they landed in to get to the cargo ramp. Not a big deal.

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In many cases, it is beneficial for the flow of traffic to exit on only one side of the runway. If you require a runway crossing you may request to do so later once you have vacated. This isn’t a training vs. expert issue, just a fairly normal procedure you will find on both allowing for more efficient aircraft movements.


for Incheon airport i will have to exit runway 33r to the left crossing runway 33l and then turn back and cross runway 33l and 33r to get to the cargo gates, is that normal?!

if it’s normally works like that irl i won’t have a problem doing it i am more than happy to spend more time taxing on the ground tbh,.

oh i see, so it’s not really necessary to exit the runway close to where my parking place would be?!

Not necessarily. If ATC tells you to exit left/right it’s probably to support ground flow.

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From the picture of ICN and a Korean air Cargo plane from Basel, they vacate to the left and then taxi back, cross the landing runway, and then go to the cargo ramp. That is normal. To cross 33L isn’t normal. That is when the ATC made a small mistake and probably didn’t see you where a cargo plan or didn’t plan on you going to the cargo ramp.

Hope that helped!

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maybe because i was using my username as a callsign instead of a realistic callsign! from now on i will try to use a Cargo callsign

can ATC identify a cargo vs passenger plane if i wasn’t using a realistic callsign?!

In most cases yes, as your tag would have the aircraft you are flying.

Yeah I would exit the way the controller has directed you then contact ground. Request taxi to parking and go wherever you like and request runway crossings. No controller can stop you from parking where you like as long as it’s safely and according to the rules on the server.

Possibly because some cargo airlines don’t have cargo callsigns. So Korean air cargo’s callsign might just still be Korean Air

The bottom line is that for every cargo plane that insists on landing and exiting right and taxiing to the cargo area, 9 others will just exit and park. We don’t know whether the pilot is going to be adamant about parking at the Realism™ gates or not, so we go with the most expedient exit command, which is to get the planes exiting 33R across 33L without stopping.

That said, if you really insist on crossing back over after exiting, I’d much prefer you just exit right in the first place. The controller should see you are exiting right and know that 33L will not need to worry about your cross and everything will move on just fine.

so i can just exit to the right even if the controller told me to turn left?! wouldn’t that be considered not following ATC instructions?

i am about to approach EGLL (Nippon Cargo) at the moment, planning to land on runway 9r and the cargo parking is to the right, looking at the traffic i think i will be instructed to make a left turn exit!
[training server]

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I’m kind of stuck here. Technically, yes, so, I suppose I shouldn’t encourage that, but I’m speaking from my own POV. (This is also common on 25L at KLAX.)

In this particular scenario, in order to give the exit and cross, it has to include the left part. Speaking personally, if you instead exit right, not just to ignore ATC, but to taxi to the cargo parking area, you’re not just giving the finger to ATC or interfering with anyone, you’re just going to the proper spot.

I don’t know, I guess I shouldn’t speak for everyone, but it wouldn’t bother me.

But this is a very specific scenario. If you’re at an airport you’re unfamiliar with, and you just always choose your own direction, when it may be a perfectly good reason why you shouldn’t exit a particular direction, such as it takes you to a GA pad or something, then that would be a different situation.

I can’t speak for everyone I guess, but here, I’d much rather have you exit right than have to mess around with crossing you back over. The former is much better.

(I have to reiterate, it’s not that we don’t know where cargo parking is, it’s that for every cargo pilot that does, we just had 9 before them that didn’t know or care, so we go with expediency.)

In that situation the controller should ideally give any exit direction seeing as there are two sides but I would still follow instructions in case there is a reason or you could argue this later with the controller and ask their reasons for it

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Seeing as an average player will not pre-plan where the actual parking areas are at a destination most casual ATC won’t either.
Those of us who are here for the realism appreciate your effort, for sure. But in these cases, since it won’t cause any actual issues, it’s probably best just to follow ATC.

I mean, you can only see parking gate names before you spawn in, and you can’t add them to your fpl that I’m aware of, so most people don’t pay attention to it. Most taxi to any parking spot and end flight.

That’s why I default to the “exit runway when able” command without a specified direction. Unless it is busy, or there are other factors that dictate my need to issue the specific direction. In those cases, I need the instruction to be followed. If I’m not busy, or if I don’t need a specific direction - I’ve given up on trying to figure out where people are going to park. It’s impossible to guess whether the cargo guy is going to want to taxi the 5 miles to the cargo ramp at KDEN, or if he is going to pull into the first available spot he can find. BUT, I will say, in my experience, that a higher percentage of cargo flyers do actually go to the cargo ramps. The percentages of airlines going to their designated ramps is… let’s just say low.

Aside: I am definitely guilty of sometimes parking in the wrong gate/ramp, I don’t always know the airport well enough, and I don’t expect other people to know it well enough, but more power to the ones that always do… that said, I do always make sure it is size appropriate for the aircraft.


That’s not necessarily true. If 34s are in use at a busy YSSY, I need exit right to mean exit right from 34L. Exiting left into a long line of pilots taxiing to the runway isn’t just as good simply because there’s two sides.

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If applicable of course that’s why I belive you should always follow the ATC instructions in case there is a reason for them giving you a certain direction.

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