Exiting in mid flight.

Hi I was flying from TNCM to EHAM I was 10 min away from landing then my app crash’s. And befor anyone says restart your app before landing I did everything and it crash it was 6hr 30min of flying. And don’t tell me to reinstall th app because I won’t do that.

You may have to reinstall the app

But I did that once and I lost my live.

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When your app crahses usually the only fix is a restart or a delete and reinstall

You need to sign in to your Facebook/Gmail account

May I ask what device are you useing?

But I restarted the device before flight just like @schyllberg told me.

I am using an IPad Air 2.

Sometimes IPad storage can effect how Infinite Flight runs. If your device storage is full, your app will crash and you won’t be able to download updates until you clear some of your storage. I used to use the same device until my storage was completely clogged. I hope this helps.

Buttery landings,

But the storage is not ful I bought extra storage.

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These kind of topics puzzle me.

And the reason is:
What can be done? Yes the app crashed, we can’t recover that. You’ll still get most of the XP + flight time.
Even if you follow every advice given, it can still crash. Every app can.

If it happens continuously. Then we have a problem.


The only stats you lose are the XP for landing. It happens. It happens to me occasionally. I just restart and move on. What are you expecting?


I don’t care about the XP. All I like to do is flying.