Exiting IF while flying

Hello guys! so i was wondering is it possible to fly online and exit the app, or does the plane stop moving? thanks for the help.

It goes into pause,but if you’re out for too long,it will restart.


oh, for how long excatly?

If you leave the Infinite Flight app, your plane will not keep flying and will disappear from the map. However, you can go on Airplane Mode, and you will still disappear from the map, but will keep flying. I don’t recommend this though.


is there a serious reason for not doing that? the thing is im seeing if i can fly for example and at the same time use other apps that’s why.

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No,I don’t think you can do that,but as long as you have another device you can alternate between flying and typing.

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Depends on your device, but you can use the Multitask function on select Apple devices (don’t think you can on Android), and your plane still flies normally, so that’s an option if available.

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multitask? is the function available on iphone?

Nope. Only ipad pro have it


right well thanks anws

If you press the home button the game will purse for a few hour and when you reopen IF your flight will continue where it stopped.

That is not a certainty. It depends on whether your device feels it needs to kill background processes or not.

Our standing recommendation have and always will be that you do not leave the app during your session on any of our servers. Doing this could cause a number of issues, especially when it comes to communication with ATC.

What you do on Solo is up to you :)


Got it thank you so much!

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I’ve gotten away with being away for about 7 hours. I don’t know how, but I did. I guess you can expect to have a timeframe but, it’s at your own risk.

Honestly I don’t think it’s fair to expect users on mobile phones not to leave the app. Many times, I had to take urgent phone calls during sessions. Some of them were long calls.

Would be nice if FDS tried to fix this bug instead of calling it a feature and telling us “just don’t leave the app and don’t use your phone for anything else during your 6 hours flight”.


It’s not a bug.
It’s a consequence of how the operating systems handles multitasking.


Oh ok.
Then forget it. Sorry.

Is it a bug though? Phones are phones - primary use is phoning. And in real life pilots do not get to stop flying the plane when they need to do something else. I like the realism it adds. I rarely use IF in my phone and use a cheap android tablet instead that way you can do both with no worries.

Actually I love IF so much I consider buying a tablet powerful enough to run the game smoothly, just for the sake of making long hauls without interference. :)

I agree with your point on realism, and I try to play only when I know I won’t need my phone for few hours, but sometimes it’s just not up to you. I’m not a real pilot and I can’t tell my clients “I didn’t answer because I was in a middle of a virtual flight”…

Anyway, now I understand that not much can be done.


To expand on what Seb said for anyone interested in some more detail:

Android and iOS don’t allow apps to run in the background unless they’re doing something that is low power (I.e. playing music, refreshing data occasionally for a news app, etc) - running the simulation in the background would result in the app getting killed, to conserve power and allow other apps to run efficiently.

In the hypothetical situation we were able to run in the background, we’d need to continue calculating the flight model at regular intervals, taking into account condition updates, moving the plane accordingly, reporting updates to our servers, etc. all whilst keeping usage as low as possible for your phone to run normally. You’d likely notice higher battery drain or other apps not running as quickly.