Exit the Runway(Clears for the Option)

What is the appropriate message when an airplane is clear for the option and slows down the runway? Should you give him an exit the runway or wait until he’s off the runway and give him a contact tower?

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You should give them an exit runway command if you think he’s slowed down enough or he announced a full stop landing.

Ok, Thank you

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To add to @Tsumia, this is what the proper procedure is per the public IFATC manual.

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 5.41.26 PM


Also keep in mind that a Option covers a stop and go, this is when an aircraft stops on the runway and then takes off. You really have to use your best judgment but most of the time people will announce full stop.

Give them an exit command at 60 knots, that should be enough time to tell that they are slowing down

An Option clearance consist of Touch and go, Low pass, Stop and go and a full stop.

If the pilot havent’t yet cleared his intentions after being cleared for an option that they will be making ‘Full stop’ landing,just give them a frequency change to ground once they have exited the runway.
Since an option clearance also consist of Stop&Go, you never know whether they want to exit runway,or they are executing a ‘Stop&Go’. Hope it makes it clear!

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