Exit runway

Hi I landed on lane 34L LIRF the control tower told me as soon as you can turn right and call Contact ground, and I did it I respected the stop line or called and I asked for taxi to parking I waited and answered me and he called control tower and immediately gave me violation 2.
How does it work?
In these few years that I have landed I have always waited for the answer of the green light from Contact ground for parking and then I left the track. thanks

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Did you stop before the hold short line?

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You can contact your controller to ask why he gave you a violation. Who was the controller that gave you the violation? I’m sure they’d be happy to discuss why. Or you can contact @appeals.

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Dont be afraid to taxi after landing, since It’s easier and more efficient to taxi as you wait for clearance to do so anyway. Always pass the hold short line when exiting the runway, because otherwise that’ll still be considered you still being on the runway.


I think your controller was @Renan he’lol PM you once he finishes his session :)


When exiting the runway you must be well past the hold short line. For example if there is a taxiway parallel to the runway, you should turn onto that first before contacting ground. You should do this so if the next aircraft in line has to use the same exit that you did, you wont be blocking it. Not sure if that’s worth a level 2 violation, but just letting you know so you can avoid it in the future.


He’ll PM you**

Please get in touch with the controller or the @appeals team by sending us a PM

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