Exit runway...

Guys, which one the appropriate thing to do after landing when the ATC gives us instructions “exit runway, contact ground on the taxi way”! I have experienced both (still on the runway & after exiting runway) when i contact ground for taxi to parking the ATC gave me advice to check the forum for ATC’s assistance tutorials…

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On what server?

Expert server

Well you should taxi just past the hold short line, and then contact ground, and other than that, next time it happens, PM the controller


I am the controller… you taxi PAST the hold short line, then you request taxi.


Always cross the hold short line when exiting a runway

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If you don’t taxi past the hold short line traffic behind you wont be able to land safely. Very important

Yup, i did that once. Soon after exiting the runway, i hit the “taxi to parking” but the ATC gave advise to check the forum. Well i don’t want to blame the ATC, just wanna know the correct thing to do…

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The reason why I gave you please check help was because I asked you to exit, expedite traffic on final. If you, while on the runway, change frequencies and request taxi to parking - then you are not paying attention to the most important part which is - get off the runway expeditiously :)


Got it…it’s clear now. All you guys (atc staff) are doing wonderful job. I’m satisfied with Infinite Flight, this is the game that i’m looking for in the past…worth for any single penny.


Thank you! We work hard towards that. I am glad you are enjoying, hope to see you around again soon! Happy landings!


Thank you! From an IFATC.

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You’re very welcome…

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It’s good that players are trying to fix mistakes they make, not just simply doing it again.
If you wanna clarify anything, why not ask :) .

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Do we cross the hold short line then stop completely if we haven’t received a clearance to taxi to parking from ground at that time?

That is correct

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Here is an article to help and answer the question do you need to stop, no, request taxi to parking while moving so as to also clear the exit for those behind you. This doesn’t mean park, it means as quickly and safely as possible, switch and request taxi to parking.

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OP already acknowledged and learned from the controller. Good topic to keep around so that others can learn from similar issues.