Exit runway when able

Hello, normally we are supposed to use this exit runway when able contact ground on taxiway command. I want to ask why we need this because normally the planes know they need to exit the runway and taxi and then contact ground. So why do they say this because sometimes I think it is not needed. Sometimes I know it is needed if ATC is telling the plane to hurry up but sometimes when no one is behind you the ATC still says this, I think they do not need to say this.

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When the exit command is issued, it technically grants you a frequency change as the exit runway command says “contact ground on the taxiway”. If the exit runway command isn’t given, pilots would still have to request a frequency change from the controller in the end.

It is a requirement for IFATC members to issue a exit runway command even if there is no traffic.

Yes. I know that.

Hey, check this out of a more detailed explanation. (From the IFATC manual, section 3.5.1)

oh now you edit your post, ok now I know, thank you

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In the real world aircraft are told to exit the runway normally along with instructions on which taxiway to exit at and some further taxi instructions, even if there is no other traffic about.

As IF doesn’t have taxiway names in app, a more simple version is used to create the same affect.


Adding to what @TheAviationGallery said, it is also quite useful when you need to:

  • Instruct aircraft to expedite their exit.
  • Tell aircraft to turn left/right for better ground traffic flow.
  • Tell aircraft to hold short/cross runway after exit (in parallel runway setups)
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