Exit Runway Via... Turn Onto Taxiway...

For instance…

N1TB has just landed

TWR: “N1TB, exit runway via Bravo and contact ground.”

N1TB rolls down the runway until he sees the taxiway “Bravo”, and turns onto that taxiway.

These ATC commands would be great for when we have taxi signs. :)

And of course, we would need to have Mark make a tutorial for this, since some may not understand the concept. :)


This would drastically increase the realism of pilots as well as ATC, since taxiway signs are used to lead you to your gate or parking spot. A controller would have to know where the GA parking spots are, where the cargo spots are, and where the commercial spots are. Because if you tell a Cirrus to exit the runway via Charlie, and Charlie is leading to commercial aviation, then that would not be realistic at all. ;)


How to know which is Bravo?


We would need taxi signs for that.


I would love to see this in the future

I do like this idea, however, I think it would be a struggle to see this through the cockpit. We have to remember that IF is made for mobile devices.


Let’s remember that we have multiple views, other than the cockpit. :)

And no, it wouldn’t be that hard to see. Just zoom in on cockpit mode and you’ll be fine.


Yeah, I do want this feature. However, as I said, for some users, especially on small devices; (this doesn’t effect me), will struggle to see this. Also, I feel some will struggle to understand it. What about having it on the map instead.

@AlexH you can see two taxiways from the runway already, and the yellow dots are where the taxi signs would be. That wouldn’t be hard to see at all. :)


Okay, as I said , I support this, was just expressing concern that it may be hard to implement and use for some users. :)

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You are right, even though I think the smallest device IF runs on is the iPhone 4 (I’m not sure). For anything smaller than that, you need an upgrade. 😂

And if people don’t know how to do something, we always have @Mark_Denton’s trusty tutorial videos!


if this would be added then they should also restrict people from being able to do Tower and Ground at the same time.


The taxiway signs will be wherever we put them 😛

Hmm… that would mean a need of more controllers to be active. We’ll see if one person can handle 10 aircraft on the ground in 10 in the air. :)

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Okay Mr. Editor. 🤣

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Great idea would Love this brings a lot of Fun I think

We’re lucky there’s a better system to make them. The original way was like this:

MaxSez: Interesting. Tell me about it again when; Taxi ways and exits have blue lights, Directional signs are installed, Taxiway Alphanumeric are designated and painted as appropriate on the associated yellow lines etc etc.
Good Idea but not time for it yet, FDS stick it on the “To Do List” END


I mean, if the community wants it, then who’s to say this will be on the end of the list? ;)

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That will be 😉! We should have a chart section too, so before flying we can check all exits on the runway that’s why one we land we’ll know our exit ;-)