Exit runway, cross/hold short

After landing your aircraft, you most times get the instruction to ‘exit runway/left/right and contact Ground’.
And most pilots know what to do:

  1. you stay on Tower frequency
  2. you exit the runway, fully
  3. you switch to Ground frequency and request to taxi to parking.

BUT… on situations where you have landed on a parallel runway, your Tower ATC may give you a different instruction. And there you need to listen to the instruction carefully and follow it, as it is mentioned.
Two possibilities - see pictures below. In both cases you do NOT contact Ground after exiting your runway.

1. Exit runway, hold short runway 09R

What is different here, is that you Hold Short for the runway you need to cross, but you stay on Tower frequency. You wait until Tower give you the Cross Runway instruction (you cannot request it while on Tower frequency).

2. Exit runway, cross runway 09R

When Tower has given you this instruction, he/she has made sure that runway 09R is clear to cross. You do not have to request it again; just go ahead and cross. Only after crossing, you contact Ground frequency, and request to taxi to parking.

As ATC, I see that many Pilots do not get this yet, and I hope this provides some good info.


Cheers for the info, was a little confused about that until now


This goes hand-in-hand with one of Mark’s tutorials:



Nice, hope new pilots take advice from this =)

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That’s new for me. This is good to read. This is something I always wanted to know !


Last two and a half hours I was controling EGKK TS1 and had more than 30 landings on 8R. All were instructed "Exit left when able, CROSS RUNWAY 8L, conntact Ground … ". Only four pilots did it correctly. All others (included one Grade5) stopped, changed the frequency and requested crossing runway 26R. If you get instructions from the Tower to cross the runway than do it, and then change the frequency and request taxing parking.

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I know what you mean, as I see the same.
If you listen to the instruction it is actually quite clear.
Yet, some inexperienced pilots are a bit ‘scared’ of crossing a runway without very specific instructuon from Ground.

At the same time, not following this instruction does not have a big impact.

So what if tower never gives the Hold or Cross. The only way to request to cross the runway otherwise would be to contact ground no? Just something I’ve seen on TS1, especially at KLAX

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After landing, if you get no specific instruction from Tower ATC, you exit the runway and contact Ground.

Don’t taxi, or cross a runway unless you have been given permission to do so.

Makes sense?


Well explained, very helpful.

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