Exit Runway Command Fix

Hello IFC,

Today I was controlling tower at MMPR, an airport without ground. Whenever I gave an exit runway command I noticed that it still said “When able turn right, CONTACT GROUND on the taxiway” At airports with no ground frequency, it should just say “When able turn right, contact unicom when on the taxiway”. What do you guys think? Is it important or should it be left the way it is?

Or Unicom. I think it’s still essential to have a handoff in the exit command so they know when they are released from control of tower and the responsibility is on them to operate safely the rest of the way.

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Perhaps it should be “When able turn right, contact unicom when on the taxiway” Just changed the main post to this.

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The command should be “exit Runway, monitor Tower/This Frequency” this way the pilots can still be informed of pertinent commands without having to report in, and like you said, have the responsibility to operate safely on the ramp.


That too. Instructions to monitor would be nice. Can get a lot of mileage out of that in other uses.


What about including the ground commands in the tower menu?

I would have to agree with you. Made this a while back.