Exit Runway Command Confusion

Good day to all…I’m a bit confused about when to give the exit runway command. When I fly expert there have been times where ATC has given me this command as soon as my main landing gear touches the runway (about 142kts in a 777W) but I’ve been told by the experts to give this command when the aircraft is below 80kts. (which I assume is the controlled speed). Which is correct, as I don’t want to give a late exit runway command🤔


You should give an exit runway command after the safe speed of around 80kn ground speed.

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It’s best to send it when they are at a safe speed and the old rule of thumb was generally 80kts.


Nice work diamond, must have been reading my typing :P


i understand your confusion, the best thing to do is to wait until the aircraft gets to a speed (80 knots etc) that you know the aircraft won’t be going around, and then say “exit runway” hope this has helped :)

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I’ve heard 80kts is a good go-to

And I suppose for general aviation aircraft I can give the exit command as soon as they land because they’re usually about under 80kts already 🤔

No, definitely not. Give them a few seconds to get themselves together. Use common sense regarding GA.

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You could give them a second or 2 especially the Cub and 172. 80knots is a bit much for the smaller ACs.

Dang it, Trio beat me this time. Y’all got this covered I see. I’m going back into the shadows. Autobots, roll out!


6.4.3 if you’re interested in what the manual recommends


As nobody has mentioned it yet: It should be issued at around 80kts (or a safe speed for the specific aircraft model) 😁