Hi pilots,

Strangely, I didn’t make out any signs of UAC radar services neither in the game nor in the forums. At least, this is what medium or long hauls only makes interesting, because you have to manage something instead of giving 10 hours blind control to the A/P…

So, are stations like Langen Radar, Bremen Radar for ATC available on Expert Server (since i am grade 2 I cannot look for myself) or additional question, will it ever be available in IF? How is it managed then, that planes will not collide accidently?

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No idea what “UAC radar” means, and Google didn’t tell me about it either…

But, we used to have Center which was removed with Global as it serves little purpose without sectors and so forth.

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Ok forget UAC.
I mean the guidance through airspaces above FL245 for example in europe. There is somebody who tells you to maintain a certain alt and heading

Yeah, that would be Center.
It might come back at a later stage when we have additional features such as sectors, but it will probably take a while.

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Sounds great! This answer makes me finally want stay in the game.

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Yeah, will all the long haul flights happening now some pilots may be away from their device and will not respond the the center controller and also sectors etc. as Schyllberg said :)

Im sorry, didnt understand this grammatically…

He basically said. Because of all the long haul flights, people tend to be away from their devices. So they can’t answer center.

Langen Radar is available for sure. When there is active ATC in Frankfurt, the frequency you contact is Langen Radar.

Just to note Langen Radar and Bremen Radar are approach controller positions, not centres. They should be available in IF.

Regarding your topic.
NATS is a company which is providing Air Traffic Controllers for various airports in the UK such as Heathrow. But your topic is mostly about Center frequency… Or am I wrong?

Hi @all
Regarding the Single Statements:

  • yes i know NATS and also the other companies. It was to find a better title for my issue because the word “center” was missing then for me.
  • ok Langen and Bremen radar are in but you guessed right, that wasnt meant, center was meant

Now the most important one: for sure, I am also AFK on a long haul. Why? Because the “simulation” or should I rather call it “arcade game” now, makes it possible.
Finally, this is what gives it the extra something. It can’t really be called a simulation without making the users really responsible for their maneuvers and other actions. In my opinion the best solution for the future looks like that there will be to types of Servers (regardless of the casual, training, expert thing) where on the one server you must be really online or at least in the near of your device, maybe at night so you can wake up on radio message, or when watching tv, and the other server where it is like now, but plane crash can happen anyway so it’s your own problem then when your flight is over by bad coincidence. As long as it finally is not like that, it remains an arcade, sorry.

Edit: before somebody gets me wrong, imagine the Situation what if I would say: “buh, who really needs pattern traffic? Let us do what we want before departure and after approach.” Now, how many of you would jump up angry and call me insane? Yes, and therefore this IF has to be complete step by step, including the right step of sim hardness for everyone.


If your suggested changes were to be implemented, no one would ever get any sleep.

The key point here is that IF is a simulation. It doesn’t have to be 100% accurate, otherwise it’s just real-life. It’s simply not feasible for the majory to be close to their device at all times.

We should fix our current issues first (such as behavior from some on Expert Server) before any further steps towards “realism” are made.

Edit: and pilots are responsible for their actions, hence why there are violations & ghostings.

So this is a starting and landing sim?

It can be whatever you want it to be. If you want to sit around the whole 12 hour flight, please do! You can call it a starting, crusing and landing simulator.

Any case you call it, state now it’s not worth paying that much only to let a CPU do something with a remote CPU for hours. So it looks like I’m gonna be playing offline again soon.

Not quite sure why interactions with a few centres are really putting you off @Tobias_Keiler_Mobil?

To the extent you call any centre on a long flight it is just to call in when you first pass in to that sector, and when they hand you off to the next one some time later. If this is the deal breaker for you I’m very confused.

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Don’t forget the fact that this is a mobile flight sim for aviation lovers on the go :)

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If we had it, it would knock off a lot of casuals who anyhow managed to get their vehicle off the ground, put AP on and fly to a human Controlled airport, then facing weird commands and making bullshit they call traffic. thats the point.

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Getting off the ground and landing, and all the associated interaction with ATC around those is far more complex then just reporting in to a centre and being handed off on to the next one.

On expert I doubt having them would dissuade those who were not serious.

On training it’s irrelevant since the likelihood is that either the controller wouldn’t have a clue or the pilot wouldn’t, and in any case you can’t get ghosted on training.