Exercise Red Flag - PILOTS NEEDED

Hi everyone!

I’m looking for anyone who may be willing to participate in the upcoming Infinite Flight Red Flag Exercise.

I’m hoping to participate, flying for the RAF No.12 (Bomber) Squadron. Unfortunately, the squadron only has two pilots at this time, and in order for the exercise to run as intended, four are needed. The exercise takes place over several days. Please see the above linked post for event details. There is the possibility that other squadrons may be experiencing shortages as well. If you would like to participate, please PM either myself or @Ben to register your interest.

Thanks, David

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I am interested. WIll check if time fits for me!

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I will happily fly wtih you

What type of aircraft would you like to fly?

I would’ve joined as this sounds like an awesome event however due to timezone difficulty it will be around 0400 for most of the events where I live.

I will fly any I like the C-130J

You’ve been assigned. Check your OM to get with your teammates.

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