Exercise Red Flag - Day Four - Checkpoint Race @ KEDW - 201600ZJAN18

Exercise Red Flag

Each and every year, military personnel from around the world descend upon Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada to show their Air Force might and participate in ultra-realistic combat scenarios to help train and prepare for the real world. This year, we plan to simulate the training here in Infinite Flight, gathering the top pilots from around the community and pushing their skills to the limit.

The real-world counterpart of Exercise Red Flag take place over several months, however, none of us have the time nor commitment, so we shall condense the event to five days, with a new task everyday. Here is the schedule at a glance.

Day 1 - January 13th, 2018: Fly-in

Day 2 - January 14th, 2018: Aerial Refueling Ops

Day 3 - January 15th, 2018: Ground Attack Competition

Day 4 - January 20th, 2018: Air Superiority Challenge

Day 5 - January 21st, 2018: Long Range Strike Test

Each team will be based upon a real-world Air Force Squadron, from either the USAF or a participating NATO country. Each Fighter and Bomber squadron will be filled with four members each, while Refueling, and Airlift/Special Operations Squadrons will be filled with two members each, totaling 12 members per team. Each team will be filled with one squadron of each type. Reserves will be used if one participant on a team drops out, and, if enough reserves, more teams will be created.

Fighter Squadrons
18th Agressor Squadron - Eielson AFB, Alaska - F-16
134rd Fighter Squadron - Burlington IAP, Vermont - F-16
19th Fighter Squadron - Hickman AFB, Hawaii - F-22
JASDF 6th Air Wing - Kadena Air Base, Japan - F-22

Bomber Squadrons
34th Bomb Squadron - Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota - F-14
393rd Bomb Squadron - Whiteman AFB, Missouri - F-14
RNAF 312th Support Squadron - Volkel Air Base, Netherlands F-16
RAF 12th Bomber Squadron - RAF Marham, England - F-14

Aerial Refueling Squadrons
2nd Aerial Refueling Squadron - McGuire AFB, New Jersey - KC-10
9th Aerial Refueling Squadron - Travis AFB, California - KC-10
351st Aerial Refueling Squadron - RAF Mildenhall, England - KC-10
JASDF 1st Tactical Airlift Group - Fuchu Airbase, Japan - KDC-10
RNAF 334th Transport Squadron - Eidenhoven Air Base - KDC-10

Airlift & Special Operations Squadrons
41st Airlift Squadron - Little Rock AFB, Arkansas - C-130J-30
16th Special Operations Squadron - Cannon AFB, New Mexico - AC-130
RAF 47th Airlift Squadron - RAF Brize Norton, England - C-130J
RCAF 446th Transport Squadron - CFB Trenton, Canada - C-130J-30


Each time will consist of one squadron from each type, simulating small individual “Air Forces” that will compete against one another to claim air superiority.

Team Blue:

  • 18th Agressor Squadron
  • 34th Bomb Squadron
  • 2nd Aerial Refueling Squadron
  • 16th Special Operations Squadron

Team Red

  • 134rd Fighter Squadron
  • 393rd Bomb Squadron
  • 9th Aerial Refueling Squadron
  • 41st Airlift Squadron

Team White

  • 19th Fighter Squadron
  • ROCAF 3rd Tactical Bomber Wing
  • 351st Aerial Refueling Squadron
  • RCAF 446th Transport Squadron

Team Black

  • JASDF 6th Air Wing
  • RAF 12th Bomber Squadron
  • JASDF 1st Tactical Airlift Group
  • RAF 47th Airlift Squadron

Each and every event will test each pilot to the limit while simulating real world combat scenarios. The winners of every even till be given points, and at the end of the exercise, a winner will be crowned. The point system is as follows:

1st Place: 3 Points
2nd Place: 2 Points
3rd Place: 1 Point
4th Place: 0 Points
5th Place: 0 Points

As of now, the only prize of the winning team is bragging rights and the recognition of being some of the best pilots in the sky.

Day One: Fly-In
Day one will be a squadron fly-in from the various military bases around the globe to Edwards, California. Our scheduled arrival time will be at 1700Z on January 13th. Schedule your departure time from each airport to try and line up with the 1700Z arrival. This will be varying for each squadron. After arrival, we will stop for a photo shoot. No points will be awarded.
January 13th, 2018, 1700Z

Day Two: Aerial Refueling Ops
Day Two will be the first day of competition. All aircraft teams, minus the tankers, will depart Nellis at 1500Z with only 20 minutes of fuel remaining, with the goal to refuel all planes with sufficient fuel to return to Nellis safely as a team. Minimum altitude of 15,000 feet. The first team to get all 12 aircraft on the ground in the least amount of time wins. You will be timed from the moment the first aircraft lifts off to the time the last one lands. Any aircraft running out of fuel before returning will result in team disqualification.
January 14th, 2018, 1500Z

Day Three: Ground Attack Competition
On Day Three, each team will compete to reach a target equal distance apart in the fastest possible time. Each team’s fighters and bombers will be positioned equally far away, around 250 miles, from a set target. The first team to get all fighters and bombers across the target first, wins.
January 15th, 2018, 1500Z

Day Four: Air Superiority Challenge
Each member of each team will try and hit a series of checkpoints the fastest, surrounding an area of airspace. The team that completes the series of checkpoints the fastest wins. Points will be awarded in order.
January 20th, 2018, 1600Z

Day Five: Long Range Strike & Support Test
On the final day, each pilot will combine all that they have practiced on the days prior and be put to the test in a ultimate combat mission. Fighters and bombers will leave Nellis to fly long-range target runs, over 750 miles that will require AAR, while transporters fly shorter, technical cargo runs. The first team to get all aircraft back on the ground at Nellis after completing all tasks wins.
January 21st, 2018 1600Z

More details will be provided as we get closer to the exercise.

See you in Nevada in January for the greatest military exercise that there is!


How do we apply for this?


All you have to do is say what squadron you would like to join and I shall put your name down. First come, first serve, so act fast!

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Ok I would like to be in the 41st Airlift Squadron please.

Sounds good! See you there :)

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Okay, this is seriously awesome. Nicely done and a well-organized thread. I hope to attend! 🙂


I would like to join as the 19th Squadron!

Sure thing, see you in the skies :)

Sign me up for team white

Fighter, Bomber, Tanker, or Transporter?

What a brilliant idea! Is it ok I join the: 351st Aerial Refueling Squadron please?

Of course it is :) Gald to have you.

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I’ll take the 2nd Squadron Aerial Refueling. This is absolutely an awesome event, let me know if you want a website!

Glad to be part of what’s going to hopefully fun,enjoyable, busy event.

Hmmm disappointed there isnt dogfighting but I will still take the Fighter

Yeah, I know. Unfortunately, there is no way to judge that, however, if everyone really wants to, we can just have fun one day, maybe after the fly in, and just mess around in the skies for fun. Thanks for your input :)

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Hit me up, definitely wanna participate :)

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Great! Just let me know what Squadron you would like to join so we can get you set up on a team.

Could the whole Aerosync Refeuling team get the 2nd refueling squadron?

That is only two slots, however, if here is more, they can sign up for refueling on other teams or join a different role on team red :)