Executive Jet Charter Recruitment Event @KVNY - 080100ZNOV18

Server: Expert

Airport: KVNY

Time: 0100Z

NOTAM: *Want to travel the skies in style, take celeberties around the world in style. Come along as we take filmakers, Actors, Actresses and all around famous people to Las Vegas, Nevada for a few nights on the strip *

Aircraft: A318,B737 BBJ and CRJ-700 IF Livery
Flt.Plan: Copy N1DG
Flight Time: Approximetly 1 hour
Spacing: 10 nm at all times
Speeds: 230 knots below 10,000
280 above 10,000
M.78 in cruise
Cruising Altitude: FL.250
Pm me for parking

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Wouldn’t this event be around 0200Z? 0100Z was one hour ago

Yah this event isn’t today. I need to change the day.

Ok. Please also follow this link:

I think this would help “spic’n” up your event a bit. Good luck!

We are just trying to help you out a bit (:

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