Executive Jet Charter | Hiring Pilots Now! | First TBM of 12 delivered!


Looks very interesting @Mags885


Our pilots begin their training! Come to KLGA now to see a number of EJC callsigns undergoing their type rating assessments on TS1.


2 of our pilots have completed their type ratings and have been sent to the frontline to begin transporting VIPs and the like to and from destinations around the world!

Think you have what it takes to join them? Come and fly our state of the art fleet, with the most professional routes, procedures and dedicated staff to help you along the way.


Bookings and Online Check In Now Available!

Executive Jet Charter is pleased to announce we have activated our online systems to allow the IF Community the chance to Charter their own EJC aircraft.

How Does it Work?

You simply book a flight and wait for confirmation, we will send you your flight details, including flight number so you can log in no later than 24 hours before your flight departs!

You can then track your flight via LiveFlight using the flight number and we will take care of the rest before alerting you of your arrival at the destination airport. If you need a return flight, make sure you book the second once separately!

We look forward to transporting you in style. Executive Jet Charter - Premium made Simple


Executive Jet Charter has started operations, transporting GAF personnel, Executives and celebrity clients all across the world.

Keep an eye out for our callsigns and send us a screenshot to be in with the chance of a prize!


Executive Jet Charter Orders TBM930

Executive Jet Charter has placed an order for 20 TBM930 to join its fleet of 68 aircraft, taking our total to 88.

These 88 aircraft outfitted with state of the art equipment, technology and comfort transport executive clientele, celebrities and several business boards around the world daily.

Keep an eye out for our callsigns JetSeed, ExecJet or our CEOs callsign Fraction!

We look forward to welcoming you onboard soon!


We are very excited to announce that @N1RG has joined our team in a Chief Pilot role, aiding our entry exam and type rating assessments to get pilots into service quicker!

With aircraft flying 24 hours a day, executive jet charter is extremely busy with multiple bookings and numerous contracts being negotiated.

If you would like to join this family of highly skilled aviators then please come forward and see if you have what it takes!


Can i plz join the airline


Please see here:


See the link provided by @Velocity23 above (Thanks V).


EJC Pilot Applications remain Open!

Apply, complete the theory exam and take your type rating all on the same day!

We have a scheduled ATC Opening to allow our Officer Recruits the chance to complete the requirements so they can begin transporting clients around the world. With bookings happening every day via the IFC we have a jam packed schedule and have a real need for pilots.

Join today and receive a 25000 credit bonus towards your second type rating!


Feel like I remember a Fraction in my airspace not too long ago

By the way, thread looks extremely well done and professional. I’ll consider joining it after the TBM releases.


Pretty sure I’m the only person that uses it at the moment haha if it was a fraction885 then it was definitely me. What airspace was it? :)


I’ve controlled so much in the past week and half lol. Might have been LGA, now that I think about it. Definitely was Fraction 885.


It was definitely me then :) I’ve not flown out of LGA for about a week, these bookings we receive have me all over the place haha


Were you at LGA last Thursday?

Also, we might want to move this to a PM



Executive Jet Charter

Weekly Update - 15th Sept 18

CEOs Foreword

EJC has completed several goals in its first 2 weeks with a small number of pilots completing their type ratings, the staff team being completed and slowly more and more productive, the booking and checkin system being fully operation amongst several flying hours being completed.

Unfortunately a number of our early applicants have left this week because they refused to undertake a Type Rating Assessment which is outlined in our joining criteria.

We are asking all future applicants to please understand that if you apply, you are required to complete a theory test and a Type Rating on the aircraft of your choice.

Fleet Management

Our fleet is undergoing some minor changes, with some EJC aircraft receiving some fresh paint. Where possible, our aircraft will be rebranded in Infinite Flight Colours.

We have also placed an order for TBM930 which we intend on bringing a lower cost option to our clients travelling nationally.


We are changing our recruitment procedures, applicants will be required to pass a theory test as part of the application so EJC can control pilots wishing to enter our family. All applications will receive feedback, whether they are successful or not, We make this promise to all individuals to ensure we are taking care of the IFC and it’s members to allow everyone to progress and improve.


Ooo me likey, looking nice!


Just settled with a nice glass of coffee on my booked 787 flight with EJC!


Hah, just booked a flight to New York for a business meeting!