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Executive Jet Charter is brought to bring you an exclusive Virtual Airline focused on transporting its clients in complete comfort to luxury destinations anywhere the world. With over 10,000 destinations available in our library, we provide our pilots with every trip becoming a different and sometimes challenging experience. Our fleet of aircraft, spread across 15 airframes, all renovated to the highest specifications will fulfil your wildest dreams, discuss your trip with our pilots from the flight planning stage until you touch down and disembark. This is premium customer service, brought to the IFC.

001-vip Staff Team
CEO: @Mags885
COO: @Kirito_77
Operations Manager: @FirstClassLuxury
Senior Captain Commander: @N1DG
Recruitment & Media Officer: @Dannyshaw24

Staff Advisor
Chief Pilot: @N1RG


Our fleet brings cutting edge technology, executive comfort, 5 star dining and ultimate control to your finger tips. With all of our aircraft outfitted with SatCom bought to you by EJC Tech, our super fast 90Mb/second broadband providing 99% reliability is without competition. Combine these WiFi speeds with our in-desk computer suites and with our Video Tele Conference equipment and you can take part in any conference, from any location in the world - mainly 30,000ft.

Our Pilots earn credits for every hour they fly, depending on their rank. These credits can be used for a variety of different thing, but most importantly the purchase of an aircraft rating. Some of which require a rating assessment to ensure our high standards are met.

Type Rating Prices

003-airplane Want to find out more? Click Here


Our 3 hubs across 3 different continents ensure you have an EJC service within reach. Consisting of EGSS (Stanstead, UK. Stand 501-510), OMDB (Dubai, UAE. Gate S01-15) and KLGA (La Guardia, USA. Transient 1-11) while we go through our introduction phase, we are planning expansions into other continents as the EJC craze expands.

The beauty of hiring your own aircraft, whether it’s for commercial or domestic use means you can choose your start and end point anywhere in the world. We will ferry the aircraft to the starting airfield of your choice and take you to your destination at the cost of a small premium.


A career with EJC allows you to fly from anywhere in the world, to destinations that you will struggle to find anywhere else. Joining our family, you will be welcomed to a limited number of pilots who have met the entrance standards required. Random standards checks will be carried out to ensure quality flight planning, flight execution and safety.

Pilots are paid by the hour, see the rates below.

Pilot Wage Rates

Note: These Rates are not real tender but a simulated currency.

002-id-card Applicant Criteria:
a) 2:1 - landing/violation ratio
b) Good IFC standing & TL2
c) min Flying Grade 3 (G2 pilots can apply, but will be expected to meet the G3 standards within a 30 day probation period)

Apply Now!

004-airplane-around-earth Pilot Payment System:

Pilots will follow real world ranks, limited to only a small selection but achieve aircraft ratings by “purchasing” their licence and right to fly a new aircraft in the fleet which allows our crews to fly their favourite aircraft after really earning it. Details will be given upon arrival within our Discord Server.

question-mark Have Questions?
Then don’t hesitate to ask us directly here, via DM or by visiting our website.


Nice thread, and good looking VA. Good luck!
Edit: Oh my god I love your website.


Thank you very much, it’s taken a lot of time and effort to get to a stage where we even thought of approaching the IFVARB. Luckily the process there was relatively quick and smooth!

I hope to welcome, you to the team in the near future!


What a great idea!! Wishing you much success with your VA. It looks wonderful!!


Thanks for your kind words, I hope to see you in the IF Skies soon :)


Nice work @Mags885! Glad to see you approved!


Hello all,

With an influx of applications, please be patient as we work through the administration required to process them all properly. Please allow up to 48 hours during this potentially busy period.

I would also like to announce that several staff ranks are open for application, should you wish to apply then please visit our careers page, links at the top of this thread.



Looks like an awesome VA! I would definitely fly this airline if it was irl!


Seems like an awesome looking VA! Best of luck to you guys!


Thanks everyone, particularly you @Charles_Fosbroke who introduced me to the VA Community all those moons ago!

I hope to welcome you all to the team one day :)


Executive Jet Charter are Very Pleased to Welcome Dillon onto the Staff Team!

With our launch yesterday, EJC received a small number of applications which are being processed.

Amongst those applications we have welcomed @N1DG to the team who has taken on the role of Senior Captain Commander. He will assume the role with immediate effect, his responsibilities include monitoring the standards and evaluation process of all our pilots to ensure they maintain the very high expectations of their supervisors, managers and most importantly our clients.

With 2 staff roles still available, including Recruitment & Officer and Operations Manager. You could still find yourself helping to shape this VAs future and introduce your ideas and concepts to make them a reality.

Interested? Click Here


Another amazing asset has been added to our team.

Executive Jet Charter welcomes @OC212 as our Operations Manager whose responsibilities include management of the fleet, VA Bot and organising our events. A busy individual to take on a very important task.

Welcome to the Family Owen, it’s a pleasure to have you with us.


Ooo I like the look of your VA! Best of luck, hope to see this prosper.


Thank you for your kind words!


Could I talk to someone about careers?


Of course, pop me a DM with your question or query buddy.


@Mags885 Thank you for your kind words I personally can’t wait too see what this VA can do and what it will bring too the community!


For awareness, the last staff position available is the Recruitment & Media Officer.

If you are interested in entering our competitive application process, we are currently shortlisting candidates based on an informal interview, IFC & IF Grading and other criteria.

Find out more, visit our Careers Tab!


Thanks for having me on the staff team. Cant wait to start working with a bunch of great people with this VA.


Another 2 skilled Pilots entered our family in the last hour, ready to transport executives, VIPs and celebrities anywhere around the world.

With our numbers always increasing, Executive Jet Charter is soon to be one of the most active and vibrant VAs on the IFC.

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