Executive flights to KSMO

Hi guys, I have a specific question for those who live in US or in L.A. region

The Santa Monica Airport, KSMO, can receive international executive flights? To be more specific executive flights come from Canada, I don’t know how the relation Canada/US works, so, if someone be able to explain, I’ll appreciate!


Airports that have US Customs on airport property can receive international flights from outside of the US

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Oh okay, but KSMO has a customs? I don’t live in US :)

I don’t know. Google, Bing, Yahoo, or one of those things might know the answer. 🙃


Oh hahahaha, okay I will search for, thanks mate!

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To save you some time: no, Santa Monica is not a U.S Customs and Border Protection entry point.

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Thanks mate, it’s help me a lot!

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That resolves that. The power of the inter webs