Executing Order 66

I was flying a Piper Warrior over Tucumcari, New Mexico about a month ago and noticed this callsign on my ADS-B! ATC noticed it too and I was party to a cool Star Wars-nerd conversation between Albuquerque Center and the pilot of that aircraft! Type was unknown, but pretty cool. Seemed like a military aircraft. Screenshot of my ForeFlight attached.

Anyone ever spotted or heard some cool signs on frequency IRL?


That’s pretty neat. I’ve heard a lot of cool and unique callsigns. Most of them are military. One of the more recent callsigns I recall hearing was “ForeFlight” while flying in Denver. ex. “ForeFlight 123, …” And I suppose since we’re on the topic of unusual encounters, I did come across this flying object last year, 2019. I’ll let you google the N# to see what it is. Its pretty cool!


IDAHO88 I believe was the one I heard inspecting that guy on a JetPack at LAX 😂

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Nice! A zeppelin haha

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I see military planes fly around with Star Wars calls kinda a lot. For better or worse the guys based here usually go with STEEL50 but I’ve seen some C130s especially go with Vader, I’ve seen order 66 twice in ADS-B exchange and actually both times it was an E-4B for what that’s worth


Looks like most of the Air Force started their careers out on TIE fighters eh?

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It will be done, my lord.


My first thought was “must be some headwind to be doing 47 knots over the ground.”

Then I googled the reg, and said “must be some tailwind to be doing 47 knots over the ground.”


I bet gliders are a bit quicker than this thing. 😂


Been there while practicing slow flight 😅 climbs af in those kinda winds though.
Never flown in a balloon though or any LTA vehicle for that matter


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