Execute Missed Approach or Go Around?

So I was flying in a pattern with live ATC and I was cleared for the option, runway 9L. When I was approaching the runway and couple second before landing. I realized the runway was 9R, do I need to execute missed approach or go around?

Thank, ATCEG_Gabe_Z

Missed approach is done when you’re on the ILS/GPS while a go around is fine under IFR/VFR conditions. In your case, since you were in pattern I’d say you’d call for a go around.


If you are on tower go around. If you’re under control of radar execute a missed approach. The question is, why were you not aware of the runways?


Ok, thank @SterlingArcher and @Lars

Like everyone else said, just a simple go around. Missed approach is for IFR flying and for practicing instrument approaches


You’re welcome. Everybody makes mistakes.


Actually, I got the right one when I flying about 2 hours ago. I just wanna to check if it is right and yes, Everyone makes mistakes, and we will always learning from our mistake.

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To quote a real pilot:

🎶🎵🎶🎵Remember you can always go around 🎶🎵🎶🎵

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Do you know the reference

Yes, I understand now

What song?

Oh I thought you were talking about go around, not song. No, I don’t.

Look up the go around song on YouTube

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