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Hi all, what does everything about having a execute button put onto the flight planning page or indeed the control menu. There’s times where I edit or change my waypoint or star last minute. Such as instead of following the star I’ll direct to a waypoint instead of following the rest of the star. When changing or editing you flight plan sometimes the aircraft will change course to whatever your imputing. If there was a execute button we could change and edit the flight plan as we go then press execute when finalised. A bit like the FMC would have on a real aircraft. Just a thought but would help we somewhat instead of coming off LNAV then holding in heading then re LNAV once I’m complete on my changes

Welcome back @LiamP.

If you want an execute button, you actually want to vote for the FMC instead as the execute option is a part of that.

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Brilliant thanks for that @GreenFire, I’ll take a look now. Have a great weekend ✌🏻

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Glad I could help :)

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Take a look at the topic linked above and vote if you want to see it in IF