Excuse Me!

With the new addition of Avelo to Infinite Flight, it’s been awesome to see secondary airports receiving tons of traffic on Expert Server. Burbank especially, which serves as one of Avelo’s two hubs and their base of operations, has seen a massive and consistent influx of traffic.

With lots of traffic comes lots of pilots, and I guess one of them was feeling impatient yesterday. This aircraft had been stopped behind @Jetcentric (who was flying with me and had been waiting for me to catch up in the “penalty box”) for a considerable amount of time, and when I arrived neither aircraft showed any sign of moving. Seeing that there was enough space to fit my wingspan through - and knowing that, as the aircraft on the main taxiway (and no differing instructions from Ground) I had the right of way - I continued my taxi straight to the runway for my takeoff to Santa Rosa. Obviously, this aircraft wanted nothing to do with that, and immediately made a hard left, cutting parts of their aircraft through both of ours and taking their prized position of first at the hold short line.

Unfortunately, they didn’t seem to have a forum account I could contact and they were able to takeoff and fly their flight without punishment, so I’m sharing these photos more for a laugh than anything else.

@Jetcentric getting his wing sliced off

Me getting my passengers stabbed

Them doing extra damage to their own aircraft, because why not


That made me laugh so darn hard whoever made that that is the bus hilarious thing I’ve ever seen I want more picture if I buy

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Besides the winglet amputation, that was a pretty fun flight.

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Agreed wholeheartedly. If only rows 1-10 lived to tell the tale

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