Excuse me since when was this added?

So here goes, excited me happily opens up IF for my daily dose of Flight simulators I decide to fly the CRJ-200 out of the carribean. I choose the CRJ-200 and to my surprise I see this!

I currently don’t have a pro subscription therefore this should be correct BUT I saw this nowhere in the update post. Let me make things clear by saying that no I am not complaining nor wanting to start a rant or anything but my issue with this it that it wasn’t notified in the update section so I would recommend for this to be added. (As you can see the only available liveries are the generic and IF liveries for the CRJ-200, all of the others require a pro subscription)

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I think the liveries were added in the previous update, 18.4, if I’m not mistaken…?

They added the CRJ-1000 and reworked the -200 if I remember correctly…


Yep that is correct, check this out for more info:


yet my issue is that while I have flown this aircraft before multiple times I’ve also flown all of the other liveries yet all of a sudden these liveries require pro since the TBM update.

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Well from the thread linked above, it shows that it is true, it was added in the last update.

Somehow you missed it :/

But now you know :)

It was in the post as they were all free. They don’t appear to be do they?

I’m not sure, might want to wait for a mod to come around and confirm.

Oh I knew about the update, what I didn’t know was about the liveries issue coming along that truly confused me.

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Yeah that’s what I meant, somehow you missed out on noticing all the liveries that came along with the CRJ-200 in Update 18.4.

I probs sentenced that wrong, didn’t mean that you didn’t know about the update itself at all, no, no, I know that you are aware of it, only that you didn’t see the liveries, that’s all :)

Thanks for the report. We are looking into this.

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It’s been fixed, if you restart the app it’ll be just like before, sorry about this mixup :)


No hard feelings, we’re all human and we do mistakes. Thanks for the fix though!

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