Exclusive San Francisco Livestream Photos

Had the opportunity to join the FlightCast episode yesterday and take photos of the live stream. It was an amazing experience meeting the people behind the simulator we all love.

I have below some photos from yesterday, including some from before the stream started.

Huge thank you to @jasonrosewell and @Laura for letting me tag along, I had an absolute blast. People pictured include @rgba8, @Mark_Denton, @philippe, @Stephen_Wilson, and the two mentioned above.

Hearing all their stories about how they got the job, what they work on, etc was awesome. If there’s any way you’d want to run a company, these guys are doing it right and they deserve every amount of support we can give them.

Thanks again for the opportunity FDS team - really appreciate the work you guys do and hope you all enjoy the photos!

-Chris “Wipeout”










Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. The global terrain looks even better in that picture you took. Thanks for sharing the experience!


They have Pepsi on the aircraft cockpit but why is there Coke on the table?


What! Laura was overspeeding


I wasn’t invited, sad!

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This is the first time I see Kevin showing emotions.

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Is it just me or does Phillipe look like Elon Musk?


Tyler looks like one of my old teachers 😂😂oh man. Cool shots man, I am sure you had some fum behind the scenes there.

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Great shots, Wipeout! Thanks for making our trip even better!

And if you all want to see an interview with @cleipelt, be sure to subscribe to FlightCast cafe. It will be posted in the coming weeks.


Now I really wish you could use gift cards to subscribe.

I just missed the Cat (from the last Live Episode)

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the picture of the terrain looks insane!! cant wait to fly to the Dominican Republic in IF

You forgot to tag Val ;)

VISA gift card should work. I’m not 100% sure, but the documentation for my payment processor says it will.

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Wow! How did you get permission?

And Tyler 😳

@ValXp and @Tyler_Shelton, enjoy the photos :)

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i would love to join FC Cafe, but i dont own a Credit Card :(

He got permission by actually wanting to contribute in a awesome way (instead of saying “gimme free”)… ;)

We went flying with Chris and his brother the day before and Chris offered to do a little interview for me. At that point, it was an easy “of course” when he offered to come and take photos!


I love that photo where Val has a paper plane haha.

Paypal also works. Everything in life costs money!

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