Exclusive Ramp Access - LFPI Spotting

Hon Hon, Bonjour IFC.

Today, I had a class that was cancelled which meant it was a great time to go spotting. Not plane spotting, though…

First time I did this and honestly it was pretty fun!

I called the local heliport and asked if I could spot there. After legal back and forths, I was granted access to the private/military part of the heliport for some spotting!

I was also given a tour of the inside of a hangar that contained private helicopters, but unfortunately, for legal reasons, I am not allowed to post those images here.
If you want to say thanks to the guy that gave me access to the hangar, go follow him! His Insta is @Helistocracy and he’s a great guy!

Wait did I just promote someone else’s insta in my spotting topic? Huh

F-GUFB, an EC135 chilling out on the ramp with a magnificent livery. This bad boy was repainted in December 2020 so it’s squeaky clean and brand new. This is what it looked like before the repaint… needless to say it’s much better now!

Some more of his beautiful livery

Make sure not to push here!

A tail rotor (I think that’s what it’s called)

Does anyone here play an instrument?

Some more cockpit action (or lack of actually)


A flying banana owned by Securite Civile (Essentially the French equivalent of Civil Air Patrol)

I decided to get a bit closer…

And closer…

and that’s it!

Apart from some very niche and pointless pictures of radars and stuff that’s all I can post online. Sorry everyone (except the mods because this is probably the first time in 2021 that I obey the 10 picture rule).

Thank you, and see you again soon!

Also just a quick survey…

Do I post too many spotting topics?
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  • No

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(Be honest please, it’s constructive feedback and it’s anonymous).

Stay Safe!



Helicopter helicopter


This looks like a wasp for some reason… Intimidating


That’s what I thought. 😂

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Spirit of the helikopters?


I got a strange feeling of déjà vu from this topic… I went “spotting” last week and saw some helicopters. Coincidence? …

But as always, great shots mate! Really love the livery on that Mont Blanc Hélicoptères EC135. And those instrument shots, amazing.

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Thank you very much, Tim!

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plnes are better than helcptr

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These are really cool photos!

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