Exclusive callsign

hello to all, maybe there is already a post like this, I’ve seen a lot but could not find the answer, so excuse me if is a duplicate. as the title I wanted to know if there is a possibility to have the callsign exclusively in the sense when we choose a callsign as Alitalia 123, the sim automatically denies that, if there already? otherwise how do we know if we want a callsign already exists or not?


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You have Airline page to get Callsign with Airlines name

I know but i want to know if the sistem denied a callsign if already exists

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The possibility of a duplicate callsign is really slim

Unless you and your friends decide to troll some Nimrod ATC 😂


no one can say anything about this thing??

I think it is a terrific idea.
I, as well, use 4-digit, 3-digit and 2-digit flight numbers. The more active the player-base becomes over time, then the more this will be considered a necessary “feature”, I imagine.

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Maybe Air Force 1

Ah yes… I saw 3 AF1s in one go but who cares lol

None of them even act like they care for the president… Just crash the plane like nobody’s business LOL


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