Exciting Infinite Flight News!

Infinite Flight sure does know how to put the IFC in chaos lol.

Yeah, Im sure though there is something behind the “not much is currently known”, and Im assuming the “if at all” also means something too


sorry, for some reason I always thought you were a mod since you are so popular on this forum. Plus if anything was coming out, you’d be the first to know since you are the OP of the tracking thread.

Haha very funny! 👀

I don’t know if any of you guys remember, or whether it’s already been mentioned or not, but global was first teased in an April Fool’s day post, I think something like ‘A New Horizon’, though correct me if I’m wrong

If we really do get helicopters, we’re toast. They don’t even know what helicopter blades are -_-

A New Dawn, and then A New Dawn Continued


Haha good one Misha, definitely can’t question the timing of this. PHNL looks great, and that helicopter was definitely photoshopped in…

But then I notice that the angle of the helicopter with both supports visible could only mean it would need to be above the camera, flying, but it has no pilot… so was this modeled in Infinite Flight? The rendering looks like Infinite Flight. And the April Fools jokes have an interesting history at IF of not actually being jokes. But is this really being considered? Will we one day see helicopters in Infinite Flight?

So many questions…

Why does the rotor look like isn’t even their lmao. I can’t wait to see this. We have been waiting too long.

It’ll probably come

Bruh right now i dont know what to believe😂😂 but im excited. Im pretty sure this is for april fools but i mean🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ . Also the size/scale of the helicopter is quite large when compared to the terminals

I believe it is an April fools prank seen as it was posted today

Looking back at global when it was announced on April 1st 👀

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Hmm that looks like news!

I’ll gonna rename my Infinite Flight to

“GTA San Andreas” if i dont see any modeled pilots when flying a helicopter

since helis in old GTAs is pilotless

I’m sure it isn’t an April fools. Don’t forget Global and A350 was announced a 1st April.

I’m just not sure what model is this ?

Airbus Helicopter H120 Colibri


Airbus Helicopter H130 (old model names Ecureuil, not sure for this one)

If you aren’t sure they really work on it look at that


This is a good April fools joke, definitely better than the ones I made today. if only it were true…

I’ve got a theory for all of you: This could be a trick to where they may actually be working on it, but they’re releasing this today to trick us or something.

This would be an awesome addition i wonder how the controls will work , funky stuff keep it up guys

we have achieved fsx


If Helicopters were actually added, I see many crashes to come. Like Expert will be the new Casual. Helicopters cannot be flown and that is a fact.