Exciting flight to Sint Marteen!

Hello all! Yesterday was my first attempt flying into TNCM, and the scenery was spectacular! I thought it’ll be great to get some pictures for this particular flight, on the (rather underrated) A318 ACJ.

Some flight information:
Aircraft: A318-100 (CJ)
Sector: Toncontin (MHTG) to Sint Marteen (TNCM)
Flight time: 3 hours 7 minutes
Server: Expert Server
Callsign: Airbus 001VA/AIB2271

Pre-flight preparation at Toncontin

No traffic and a simple taxi to Runway 02 for departure, off we go Sint Marteen!

A very quick climb thanks to the low payload and relatively powerful engines. Today’s cruising altitude will be at FL290, with a higher cruise speed at Mach 0.80 (don’t want to get stuck in the peak traffic!)

Reached FL290, a good time to sit back for a moment after operating 9 flights prior this sector 👀

Fast forward 2.5 hours of crossing Caribbean Sea and conducting an approach briefing…

Straight in approach, visual Runway 10! Two red two white, continuing approach

Of course this photo is needed (cliche, but yes)

And a firm but accurate touchdown! Applying immediate reverse thrust and brakes to minimise backtracking.

Still missed my planned taxiway, D by several meters, so a quick backtrack would do the job as the next aircraft lines up.

Been some time since I’ve flown into such a busy airport… looking good though!

After all, a quick look around brings us to stand B5. Hello CRJ neighbour!

Engines shut down and aircraft secured, it has been a fantastic journey! This is my first S&V post, please do comment your favourite picture, or something that I can work on! I’ll improve and possibly add more posts as I have longer turnaround times. Thanks for reading the post and wherever you are, stay safe and have a good day/night!


Nice photos… the cockpit view is my favorite!


Nice Post!!! Love the Photos! Taking off one!


😍😍😍 straight in approach…can’t express how beautiful the view is.
And also the takeoff one…great job👍🏻


Great Pictures Man! Liked them!

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Nice pictures! Must be a great Routes Manager who put together this awesome network :D

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Amazing Shots I love the fence and car shots lol

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The CEO must have been so smart to pick a great Routes Manager 👁👄👁anyways, yes, without the Routes Manager, this will not happen. Thank you 😌

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I was literally gonna do this flight as well lol but didnt know which aircraft or I could do Miami to St Maarten Via Toncontin

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A318 is sure a cool aircraft on these niche routes, I would recommend using them! (Or Boeing’s 737BBJ/757, they sound like a good option as well)

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I was thinking 757 American old livery

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Great photos!

Ahh Hugh the Manatee. I saw that plane in person a few days ago


Looks great! Would love to see this in person one day 😍