Excessive speeds in the airport environment. At 50000 feet up

What you all are about to see is a photo involving a violation for excessive speeds in an airport environment. This photo also shows the altitude which the aircraft was at.

aircraft: F22
Server: Expert

Somebody please explain how my speed is an issue when the closest aircraft to my altitude is at 37000 feet


You can send your replay to @appeals if you think you received an incorrect violation

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As seen in the image, you were given this violation while in center airspace (surface to FL600)

No need to make a public topic for this. Instead, contact the controller (@Tajay) if you would like clarification on why you were given the violation or @appeals if you would like to appeal the violation 🙂

Here is a guideline that might be helpful as well on fighter jet etiquette



I asked you to not exceed Mach .99 two minutes before I reported you. A minute after that, you were at 5,600ft going Mach 1.16. By the time I noticed this and found the report reason, you were at FL500. It was in my intention to let you do your thing but unfortunately, you disregarded my instructions. Tell the whole story next time.🙂


I agree with this statement.

Typically these kinds of conversations are not needing to involve the community. I would recommend next time asking the involved controller before posting a public topic, since it could possibly be taken as seeking attention or could make them uncomfortable being put in front of the whole community without prior consent or knowledge (not saying you were or were not doing these things however it could be taken the wrong way).

Be mindful next time of the goal in mind for creating topics like these, and who should and should not be involved - since community commentary for these type of discussions could open up doors for negative or foul play possibly. As someone who has been through this process from an controllers standpoint, it’s exceptionally stressful…

I would highly recommend reaching out to @Tajay since he seemed to be the one to issue it, and go from there regarding an appeal.

Thought this might be helpful. :)


I noticed you told me to not exceed a certain speed. The only way that I could have dropped speed was flaps and/or nose up.

Could you guys please take this to a PM with just you to or appeals

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Otherwise this will just clog the community

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Then do those things, and he’ll see that you’re in the process of slowing down 👍

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