Excessive speed in the airport environment


Hello I am Carson Reed and I was flying in a jet at jfk I was couple miles away from the airport. I saw this cool trick on YouTube that I wanted it do. I got reported by Ethan_hansen. I think this support is kind of ridiculous yes I was going fast speeds I was heading away from the airport I did not even takeoff from the airport. And I was thousand of feet up in the air I was flying around for 1 minute. And what happened to my warning Ethan what happened to that? Please respond back thanks. Is there a way I can contact Ethan? And we all pay to play this game to have fin to have to deal with this

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You’re controller was @Ethan_Hansen. Please PM him to discuss this. Thanks!


Hey there! Expert server (especially around a busy hub) is not the place for fighter jet stunts. However, your controller was @Ethan_Hansen, so I’d recommend PM’ing him if you feel it was unfair.

Just a tip, if you ever want to attempt these types of tricks, try it on casual first 😉

Thanks a lot

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It won’t let me dm him because it says draft is being edited

I think that means you’ve either tried to PM him on another device or PMed him and exited and re-entered the draft. Close the tab and reopen it :)

Thank you :)

Did that work? I’ve had some issues getting PMs to go through so I could set something up or he should send something to you shortly if it’s still giving you problems.

I believe it worked but not sure how to locate it because I closed the tab and not sure we’re to find it again about my dm

I’d just retype the draft. I could get in contact with Ethan to PM you instead :)

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