Excessive battery loss on an iPhone 6+?

Happened twice today, I’m flying in Live and even with my phone on the charger, it runs out of battery. I had it on a weak charger (Plugged into computer elevating device) and it ran out of charge, which isn’t too concerning. However, I have the same charger plugged into the wall currently and battery is dropping still. And this is happening on a semi-new device, an iPhone 6+ (not 2 years old yet). It doesn’t have any water damage.

Anyone else having problems with excessive battery loss? It’s making me tempted to not fly into ATC zones because I automatically drop out (Which must be quite annoying) which then ruins some of the fun of Infinite Flight…

And it just happened as I write this (Sorry HNL Adv. approach)

It is notable that this has never happened in the past before. Last night, I was very low on battery but my phone didn’t lose charge even when plugged in.


make sure to close all other apps, or go to where you bought and get it checked

I think it’s a problem with your phone, I have a Galaxy S4 and I keep it plugged in when I fly and it charges.

It might be Apple. I have a 6s and it looses battery quickly playing IF.

Check the battery settings

Charging for a week? I would get the battery checked.

I’d suggest setting your iPhone to low power mode when it’s 100%

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Iphones do have pretty small batteries


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Don’t have this issue with my iPhone 6

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Thank you all for input

Same with my nvidia shield, I run everything on max settings so that could be the cause

But the 6 family has a battery of about 5 hours if I remember correctly.

if this persists go to the apple store with your phone to test if the battery has failed it is covered in your warrenty

If you’re using a low amperage charger I can see that happening when your device is running essentially maxed out. If you have an iPad, try the larger brick charger to see if the issue still exists.

My IPhone 5S struggles. 50% battery loss in just one flight.

IF uses a lot of battery