Excessive amounts of crashes

Okay I’ve had wayyy too many crashes and I’ve done topics about this before but everything I was told worked for only a while and every time I’m on final there is a good chance the game will crash regardless of flight duration all help is appreciated!

Device: IPad Air 4th Gen
Operating system: IOS 17.4.1

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What are your graphic settings and what is your airplane count set to?

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Try clearing cache happened to me a while back and it really helped

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Okay I’ll try it

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If your device gets too hot, you can purchase a cooler. If you do not have such a problem, I recommend you try playing on low graphics.

Just cruise with your graphics low, you won’t need them at all if you’re not on your device. It doesn’t crash if you do this.

regarding this, if you don’t follow my reccomendation it will cause a rise of chances to crash on final due to accumulated device stress


  1. Lower your airplane count & 3D Object density
  2. Make sure to restart the device before any longer flight or if you haven’t done so in a while.

These two things alone should improve your situation. The general graphic settings otherwise does not have that much impact in terms of crashes, at least they shouldn’t on your device model.

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Guys I tried every advice that was given here and I had a flight from London to JFK without any issue, thanks to everyone here and have a good one!