Excess Violations

Our Expert Server requirements have recently changed. This change was put into effect to ensure a professional and expert environment for those who wish to enjoy a realistic simulator experience. Please see this post for the new Expert Requirements:

Please read carefully and let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you!


I believe he was confused because he didn’t have any recent violations. The violations that affect can go back a ways just so you know @Allan_201

I searched up my accout on the liveflight app and i can see that i have 98 violations…
But that was in the beginning when i started flying!!
So, does it effect anything?

Your landing to violation ratio should be 2 landings:1 violations. Do some pattern work and landings and you’re all good

You have 98 violations so you’ll need 196 landings

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All 98 violations are for overspeeding and have been continuous since you began, even through the last week. Slow down and you’ll likely have more positive results!

We’ve got many great #tutorials that will help.