Excellent Resource for Arriving and Departing from Birmingham [EGBB]


I found this really comprehensive guide for aircraft departing and approaching Birmingham airport.

It details the holding patterns, procedures, when to hit the glideslope, the height and vs you need to maintain and a host of other stuff.

It is an online PDF and can be found here

Hope it helps!



Thnx Mark, great PDF. One of my favorite airports :airplane: Would be so nice if on advanced server a serious event would be organized, people (ATC and pilots) should read this document before hand so they are aware of the situation and people would love flying [landing/holding]patterns rather than thinking its all about who can land first in EGBB as if it’s a racing game

Yeah good point, I’ve been in a few events and it does seem like people want to race to see who can land first, even when the event clearly states a speed and heading!

Hopefully if at least some read this document it would help their understanding, including ATC too.

I’ve also noticed when I’m doing approach, the number of people who a few miles from the runway are at fl18 and over, how they expect to land I’ve no idea so I use these holding patterns to let them loose altitude.


yeps I made a point about that in another post too myself. On the playground it seems to be the standard to tune in as pilots to anything online and reply with “unable” and from ATC you get an overkill on people pinching pilots from other ATC’s when they are getting instructions and e.g. when they are approach or centre they forget to let people descend.
And strange that pilots don’t find it strange that they get penalty point for speeding if you try to land within 8 miles from FL way too high rather than taking holding patterns as if they are afraid they won’t get back to the airport if they do fly away from the runway to slowly loose altitude and speed :)

Thanks Mark! Birmingham is my hometown and I fly there very often. This guide will help me!