Exceeding MLW on final

Hello, today I was arriving towards Hong Kong, I contacted the approach but in final I saw that i was exceeding the MLW How can I let ATC know what I want to do holding pattern?

Well, you can’t 😕

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You can ask the guy who was controlling u or something else.

I would announce a missed approach and then enter the holding pattern from there. You can’t specifically notify ATC about your situation.


i did that, i asked to climb to 7000ft but only left me at 6000ft

You can change your flight plan to another airport then request flight following, hold over there and dump or burn off fuel before requesting approach again.

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I seriously wonder how much gunk you had to load into your aircraft to still be above MLW, but yeah, as stated above, I’d conduct a missed approach, change my flight plan and request flight following to another airport to burn off some fuel while holding, and ideally, resume flight to intended destination.

You can easily get over you MLW if you use tankering during a rotation. It happened to me and it ain’t fun drawing circle in the sky waiting for fuel to burn

Maybe you can hold out of HK airspace before contacting Approach, cuz I knew its the sea next to VHHH. Moreover, if you didn’t exceed too much, its ok to land heavy :D.

Test aircraft are landed at above MLW during flight testing, so I’m pretty sure there’s some level of margin to allow for above MLW landings.

Aircrafts can land at MTOW, but that’s for emergency landings only. Landing above MLW can lead to structural damages and isn’t recommended/acceptable for normal flights (at least IRL).

It obviously isn’t, but still feasible, especially in IF.

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Yeah, that’s true too.

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Then you packed too much fuel, simple as that

It only happened during the storm in Europe, apparently I didn’t eat enough headwinds and ended up higher than my MLW

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